That Long Silence Shashi Deshpande Analysis

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Abstract : That Long Silence written by Shashi Deshpande is the story of Jaya basically a modern woman rooted in tradition, and belongs to a middle class family that is traditional and too conservative to give equal status to man and woman. Jaya got married to Mohan, an engineer in a steel plant. Her family members had taught her to be passive and docile in relation to her husband. A woman has to follow her husband in order to have a well balanced conjugal life. She was told that the happiness of your husband and home depends entirely on you. During the early year of marriage, her life was contented. But their story reached its climax when there were some serious charges of business malpractice against Mohan and he had to go on leave as charges were to be investigated. When Jaya came to know it, she was at loss. She could never imagine that such an immoral act could be done by her husband. Jaya had to face many problems even the question from the neighbours and maidservants. So she remained silent and her silence was misinterpreted by Mohan who thought that Jaya was accusing him for the discomfort. But at the end Jaya decided to start a new life with her husband, making an end of her long silence. Key Words : Silence, Passive, climax, Malpractice, investigation, immoral, accusation. Problems. Shashi Deshpande a talented and award winning novelist of India was born in Dharwad, Karnatak. Her father Sriranga was a Kannada dramatist and writer. She was educated
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