That Sugar Film Analysis Essay

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That Sugar Film is an interesting documentary following a man’s journey to discover the harmful effects of sugar on the human body. Damon Gameau uses his own body to try to show his audience that sugar is harmful. His goal with this documentary is to try to convince his audience to reduce the amount of sugar that they consume. Gameau shows that he is passionate about this subject by eating large amounts of sugar daily after having not had sugar for over three years. This potentially puts his body at risk. Gameau is very effective at presenting his argument. He utilizes ethos, logos, and pathos to try to persuade his audience. However, I believe that Gameau’s experiment is flawed. I do not believe that this documentary accurately portrays the…show more content…
Gameau uses ethos to lend credibility to his claims about the ill effects of sugar on the body. He employs a variety of healthcare professionals to help support his claims and show his audience that they can trust what he is saying. Gameau also utilizes logos to persuade his audience. He explains, using easy to understand models, the chemical reactions that occur in the body when one consumes too much refined sugar. Using these models, Gameau makes it clear to his audience that too much sugar is damaging to the body. Lastly, Gameau also utilizes pathos to evoke feelings of sadness and fear in his audience. That Sugar Film shows the story of many people who have suffered health problems from eating far too much sugar. For example, The scene showing the many graves of people in Amata, whose deaths were believed to be caused by consuming excess sugar, evokes feelings of sadness in Gameau’s audience. The scene with the boy from Kentucky, who destroyed his teeth from drinking far too much Mountain Dew, evokes feelings of fear. Overall, Gameau has proved to be very good at utilizing these techniques to try to persuade his viewers to turn against refined
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