Thatcher In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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William Thatcher is a peasant who forges papers with Chaucer a writer he meets in order to become a knight. Thatcher needs to "change his stars" like his father told him to do, when he left him with a knight.

Thatcher participates in jousting matches to show his knightly prowess. He falls for a maiden, who seems to love him but needs prof of his love. She challenges Thatcher to lose every match of purpose and only then will she believe him. Baffled Thatcher refuses to accept the challenge and you can sense her disappointment. The next match Thatcher intentionally loses and leaves the maiden to say "he loves me'.

Chivalry is an action committed by a man in the name of woman. while most of the action would be to win a battle in the name of a woman, Thatcher is asked to lose. In a sense this can be viewed and extreme chivalry and next to dying is the least knightly action to intentionally lose a battle.
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As punishment he was given a year and a day to find out what it is to desire most. Everyone the knight asked gave him a different answer. One day an old woman met him and told him that woman desire to be in control of their partners.

In the Movie Bianca the maiden takes control over the "knight" with her challenge. His entire career was in her hands. If you think about the Old woman in the wife's tale achieved this same goal. The knight is forced to marry the old woman and in turn the woman achieves the goal of having some control in his
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