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The 11+ an IQ test used to determine the type of school a child would attend was highly influenced by psychologist Sir Cyril Burt, Burts research appeared to show that intelligence was largely inherited and could be measured. It was right to assume that a child should then go to a school that suited their intelligence and abilities, although in the results of the 11+ there was a strong suggestion that class had a major influence on the results of the test with middle-class children getting higher scores therefore many more middle-class children gaining entry to the grammar schools. Burts research was later discredited because much if his research had been invented. Although research still showed there was a connection between measured intelligence and achievement in education (Haralambos, M., Holborn, M. 2000).
Arthur Jensen (1973) an American psychologist defines intelligence as "abstract reasoning ability" and argues that it is simply a small
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Through twin studies it was discovered that although genetically identical they each had different IQ scores, this could lead you to believe that environment factors are involved, but does not allow for a reliable percentage of genetic or environmental components, but produce a conclusion that genetics play a higher part in IQ, although other factors can have an influence (Haralambos, M., Holborn, M. 2000).
The tripartite system came under attack in the 1960's from Labour claiming it was elitist and alienating. In 1965 Labour started what they called a new inclusive form of secondary, the Comprehensive school, comprehensive means all encompassing, this hoping to eliminate inequalities in education and overcome class divides, the 11+ was abolished (although is still used in some areas), this in the hope of overcoming class divides and providing everyone with equal opportunity (Walsh, M.,Stephens, P. and Moore, S.
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