The 13 Colonies In The Devil Colony By James Rollin

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Everybody knows the story about how the thirteen British colonies declared independence from the rest of North America. They became known as “The Thirteen Colonies”, and they were a major part of how America became what it is today. But what if there were actually fourteen original colonies? In The Devil Colony by James Rollin, American history is flipped on it’s head when it is discovered that a fourteenth colony consisting entirely of Native Americans very well could have been part of the newly-founded United States of America. The tension begins to grow when evidence suggests that the supposed fourteenth colony is behind a series of catastrophic events, while a very important question begins to brew: was is the fourteenth colony’s true intent to destroy The United States of America all along? This book deserves an A because it includes creative scenarios, an ingenious setting, and a surprisingly menacing antagonist, but can be confusing to keep up with at times.
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When one of the main antagonists, a man known as Rafe, plans the assault to capture Painter Crowe, he decides he wants to watch the kidnapping as it happens. Just simply watching the video feed through one of his soldier’s body cameras isn’t enough for him, however, and he decides to break into a mansion near the site where the kidnapping is to take place. He also orders his men to execute the family that owns the mansion, including a newborn baby: “Only then did Rafe notice the bruising around the boy’s thin throat, the odd canting of his neck. He had not been asleep after all.” (Rollin 174). This shows that Rafe’s heart is but a stone cold block of concrete ☺ (Metaphor) that holds absolutely no sympathy for others, no matter how helpless the victim. This paints Rafe as the kind of cruel antagonist that even the worst kind of people would not want to go
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