The 13th And 14th Century: An Eventful Time In History

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Adeena Liang
Ms. Udwin
AP World 1A
November 14th, 2016

Mongol DBQ

The 13th and 14th centuries were an eventful time in history. One of the events includes the Hundred Years’ War, which basically created nationalism and a more modern form of warfare. Another event was the Black Death, which was a deadly disease that spread along the Silk Road and wiped out about half of Europe. The most important event was the creation Mongol Empire, a powerful force that emerged from the steppes of Central Asia. The ruler of this empire was Genghis Khan, who along with his descendants expanded the Mongol Empire to include lands from Eastern Asia to Eastern Europe. This is due to the fact that the Mongols were merciless and highly successful in their mostly unstoppable invasions. During the period between 1206CE
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During their invasions of Eurasia, the Mongols ruthlessly captured, pillaged, and destroyed many lands. In an excerpt written by Muslim historian Rashid Fadl Abi-I’Hair in 1498, it states that the Mongols not only burned their great libraries, places of knowledge and culture, but the Mongol Empire also laid waste to their infrastructure and farms, which most likely had devastating impacts to their land (Doc 7). This would be a useful source of information about the Mongols, however, a Muslim person, whose views are most likely biased against the Mongol “infidels”, wrote
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