What Is The 14th Amendment Essay

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After slavery, African Americans in the south were in a time of change. Though they were free from slavery, whippings, and auctions, I believe life became difficult for them even after slavery ended. Racism began to grow increasingly, as many could not accept the fact that there was no more slavery. It became stricter when the government in the South enforced laws called Black Codes. Those laws were set to grant only certain rights to people of color. Employment for black people was unfair, as they were often paid much less than their white companions. The fourteenth amendment was created in 1868 and promised African Americans the rights of equal American citizenship. Many of the African Americans were homeless and separated from their family for years, sometimes never being able to see them again. During this time, white males were in war and just arriving home to a world where people of color were free. I think this brought a lot of…show more content…
This time was from1865-1877. Other laws like Jim Crow laws were set, which meant blacks and whites would be separated in simple tasks such as going to public restrooms. Amendments began to be set but the 14th Amendment was important and made a big impact in 1868, when it granted citizenship to any person born in the United States. The amendment guaranteed that every individual would be treated with equal protection of the laws. Though the Reconstruction era offered many positive changes, I do think that it had its share of both success and failure. The Reconstruction era ended separation between the North and the South, as previously, the South had wanted to be separate from the North. The economy in the South became devastated because there were less people to work on plantations. A large racist group, which was very popular back then known as the KKK became more involved in the South, being fueled with hatred towards blacks and whites who supported civil
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