The 15th Amendment And White Voting Rights

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At the end of the Civil War, freed slaves had no rights. In an attempt to remedy the Civil War, amendments were passed in the years after the conflict.The 15th amendment established in March 30, 1870 introduced that no voting rights shall not be denied in the United States or by any state because of race, color or previous conditions of work. Yet most African Americans will never get to vote. The Jim Crow Laws in the South found a way around the 15th amendment to deny the right to vote to most freed slaves. This was done mostly by the use of literacy test, poll taxes and intimidation and terror. The amendment declined to protect freed slaves voting rights and helped restored white supremacy in the south. The voting rights act failed to protect the rights of black by literacy test, poll taxes and intimidation by white supremacy groups. Many white supremacy groups emerged throughout the 1870s, bringing fear and terror to the freed slaves. White Supremacist Groups such as The White League, Ku Klux Klan, The Knights of Camelia and many more other groups attempted to prevent the 15th amendment by the use of violence. These white supremacy groups were successful in the act of keeping republican voters and freed slaves from voting or turning them into democrats. “We nail all, radicals up in Boxes and send them away to K K K - there is. 200 000 ded men retured to this country to make you and all the rest of the radicals good Democrats and vote right with the white people you have

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