The 1765: The Stamp Act Of 1765

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The Stamp Act In 1765 The Stamp Act was passed where they had to pay stamp tax on every paper they bought. The colonists didn’t mind but they had no say about the new law. This made them quiet angry so they started to revolt about it. The colonists was protesting for this law to be repealed. This event is in my least important position because the colonist just didn’t get a word in The Stamp Act. The Quartering Act In 1765 another law was passed called The Quartering Act where colonists had to house and feed the British. The colonists disliked housing the British because they didn’t do anything and only took up space. The colonists later got this issued solved. This made tension higher for the revolt of the colonists because the British didn’t get their consent about it. The Quartering Act is my second least important event because the colonists didn’t give consent for housing the British and they had to feed them. The Intolerable Acts…show more content…
The new laws passed said the harbor will be closed, the colonies will not have town meetings without approval, the British charged with capital offenses will have a new trial in England, the colonists must house the British, and removed territory and trade between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The acts that were passed made the colonists very upset. This event helped lead to the revolt of the colonists because they had to obey so many laws that passed in The Intolerable Acts. The position for this event is 3rd most important because the colonists didn’t get any right to say about it and there are too many laws that affects
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