The 18th And Thomas Hobbes Reflect The Ideals Of The American Revolution

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Enlightenment?” Between the 18th and 19th centuries, two considerable revolutions reflected the ideals of the Enlightenment.Though these ideals played a substantial role in both revolutions, they were more significantly shown in the American Revolution. The French Revolution began with intentions following the Enlightenment ideals but ended up with strong feelings of fear driving the people rather than princples.
Enlightenment ideals heavily emphasized the importance and rights of each individual, white man; these were called natural rights. These ideals encompassed popular sovereignty where the opinions of the majority were emphasized. The Enlightenment continued the ideas of the Scientific Revolution in which there was a great emphasis on human reasoning and how it could answer questions about nature; in the Enlightenment, people believed that human reasoning could be used to solve any issues in society or politics. The idea of a social contract, in which there was an agreement between the people and the ruler which helped ensure that the ruler would not abuse his power, was brought about by Thomas Hobbes; many leader went on to adopt these principles and became enlightened despots. Many of these ideas led to political changes and revolutions The American Revolution followed a belief in which there should be, “no taxation without representation.” The American Revolution was heavily influenced by the Enlightenment ideas. Americans believed that the governmental decisions
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