The 1920's: A Case Study

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Why do you think the event was important, and how does it fit into the conflict and changes of

the 1920s?

This era was known as the Roaring twenties where most women were able to discover

their opportunities. In the 1920s, women were able to break away from the traditional female

roles that always held them back (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). Many women during this time were

in the change process where majority become career oriented. Moreover, they were able to push

the boundaries in a male-dominated society.

Though the Jim Crow Era never ended in the 1960s, the African Americas were also able

to join the army. During the First World War majority of them had a chance to serve in the

Army. The chance to serve the nation opened multiple opportunities for them. Moreover, they
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On the other

hand, they were able to fight for citizen rights. All these events marked the Negro Era.

How does the event you chose to relate to your Final Project topic?

The topic I choose for my final project is African Americans and their impact since 1877

to today (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). Both the Roaring Era and the Negro Era were among the

major eras where both women and woman were able to flourish to greater opportunities that

influenced the economical, political, and social
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