The 1920's Automobiles

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1920’s Automobiles The 1920s were an important era for automobiles. Before the invention of cars, many people traveled by foot or by horse. A German invented the first automobile, an idea which soon made its way to the United States. Before the 1900s, automobiles were built with three wheels and could hold a maximum of two people. There were no windows and if you’re lucky, you may have a shaded cover. As time passed by, more and more cars gained different technology. New technology has improved the production of automobiles and increased the numbers of customers. Before cars were invented, riding a horse or walking from point A to point B were the most common modes of transportation. Everything was spread out and it was time consuming to…show more content…
Many countries, including the United States, have been impacted by this invention. Automobiles were first introduced in America in 1893 by Charles and Frank Duryea. Many of the first automobiles were designed with only three wheels and an engine attached on the back of the car. The engine which was capable of powering the automobile was also invented in Germany. The engine required gasoline for the ability to move the automobile. The amount of gasoline could determine the distance of travel. The early automobiles could hold a maximum of three people. There were no special features such as a window or a rooftop. As automobiles became more available, they became more affordable. Because the automobile was just being introduced, roads were not built for cars. “Roads that had been designed for house transport began to deteriorate under the steadily increasing load of traffic” (Scott). Since the roads were not built for the automobiles, the automobile tires were not fit for the condition of the roads. The tires on the vehicles were very thin and mostly made of wood similar to the early wagon wheels. Because there was more mass of the vehicle, tires had to be replaced often…show more content…
“Henry Ford’s Model T marked the beginning of the car as a mainstay in our society” (WSP Global). Henry Ford also designed his own engine for his own business. In his younger years, Ford fixed watches for his friends and family. Once Ford was older, he served as chief engineer for the Edison Illumination Company for more than five years. Before Ford started his own business, Karl Benz was credited for the invention of automobiles, but Benz’s cars were expensive. Only the wealthiest people could afford them. Thanks to Henry Ford, a fours wheeled motorized vehicle that everybody could afford was designed. Soon after the four wheel car was introduced, Henry Ford started his company. His company could make more than five cars at once. One of the biggest selling models from Ford was the Model T. The Model T was the most successful brand selling over fifteen million cars. Even today Ford is still the biggest brand in the country
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