The 1920s Brought A Revolution In Freedom Essay

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“The 1920s brought a revolution in freedom and opportunities for women.” Do you agree? Explain your answer. In the 1920s, women changed a lot, for example, before 1917, every woman would be wearing restrictive clothing and have long hair. They also didn’t wear make-up and would never smoke or drink in public, as well as not playing any sports. Their relationships were controlled, and they had to have a chaperone with them at all times during the date. Women were also unable to vote and there were very few paid jobs, as they were expected to be housewives and those who did have a job were extremely low paid ones like cleaning ladies, dress makers and secretaries. However, during the First World War, women were taken into war industries which…show more content…
It is true that women had more jobs, but they were only hired because their wages were lower than men’s. Women in rural areas usually didn’t have the new mechanical products to help them in the house, and if they did, if they lived on farms – which the majority of worn did; then they would help in the farm, and they took acre of the children and the house at the same time. The second largest group of American women were the ones in families of labourers, which means that they got very low wages, so the wives had to take care of the children and the house, as well as work. Women also gained the right to vote in the 1920s, but they were nowhere close to equality with men. Political parties believed that women deserved to vote, but they didn’t want them to be political candidates as they considered them ‘unelectable’. Women, especially in rural areas were outraged by the new films which showed women in revealing clothing and with men. However this didn’t happen outside of the cities, as there was a very strong conservative element, partially because of the old country values and the traditional religion, which meant that most women remained very
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