The 1920's: Louis Armstrong And The Jazz Age

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The 1920’s, nicknamed the roaring twenties, was a time to be alive. The extravagant spending, new music, and the all around happy mindsets allowed for an era, many people did not want to miss out on. One of these people was a man named Louis Armstrong, a musician who contributed to something that would remain a part of this country until today. Louis Armstrong had a great deal of impact on this time period with his influence on jazz music and the Jazz Age. As a young boy Armstrong did not have such an easy life. Louis grew up in a tough part of New Orleans, with a very poor family. Armstrong began working at a very young age; he would sing on street corners, worked on a junk wagon, and sold coal, all for very little money. Growing up…show more content…
The impact that Louis Armstrong had on jazz music and the Jazz Age was so immaculate that it transformed the genre of this new music for many generations to come. Through his multitudes of different performances during the twenties, he developed new ways and techniques to enhance his playing. Performances were never lacking for Louis he showcased solos, as well as in bands, which expanded his popularity throughout the country. Beginning his career and influence in the twenties, he started off with his solo performances, exhibiting his incredible trumpet and cornet playing as well as adding some singing in with the mix. These bountiful performances allowed him to become invited by his mentor “King” Oliver to be a part of his Creole Jazz Band. In accepting this position Louis was able to make a living off of his music and could eliminate working other day jobs. This new band Armstrong was involved in was among some of the most influential jazz bands out there at that time. This already influential band gave Armstrong the ability to continue his reign of influence on this music style and this time period. A while later Armstrong left Oliver’s band and began to play for a couple of different organizations. Louis played in orchestras, a few other jazz bands, and occasionally in church. All of these experiences allowed him to develop an amazing trademark sound for himself. The popularity Armstrong was receiving was so extravagant that in the mid and late twenties, he began creating records with a couple different bands throughout the different times he would participate in them. The next step Louis took in his climb to fame was to create his own band soon named the Hot Five. “The Hot Five became Armstrong’s first band that recorded music that was created under his own name.” (Unknown 1). The Jazz Age was his time to shine and he did. Never once did
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