Women In The 1930s

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Jaila Sargent Mrs. La Rue Research Paper 28 February, 2018 The Life of Women in the 1930s Women in the 1930s always had to lower the costs on thing because there was not a lot of money to go around for all women. Women had to start groups. Women who were married had to be in the married-women group and single women had to be in the all-single women name. It was not the right thing for all the women. Married women and single women wanted to work together but people did not let them. Women in the 1930s were expected to do housework and could not find jobs easily outside of the home, but women organized into volunteers groups devoted to improving the living and working conditions of other women. Women were having…show more content…
Women wanted their men to be with them but they had to work day and night for their men’s the women could not be around them as much as they did but it was really against the law.Women were forced to share rooms with others and they had to wait to go shopping until other women were ready (Lemon).Women really did not need to wait on the others they are grown they had to sleep with others also it was not right and not apart of the law.In the spite of the discrimination women faced to fight labor market and depression (Lemon). Women wanted to have their things in private and not around other the women 's depression were to provide opportunities for not just themselves but other women also. Women in the 1930s were trying to keep jobs and were working day and night trying to keep their family’s some food in their homes, because many women could not get jobs because they were not married. Many women had quit their jobs because they went low on money because they had to share it with other women. They did this so other women would have an enough to pay their bills and get food and clothes. Women were forced to do homework if they did not have any jobs. Some women left home because they were forced to work while men were not doing anything. Today women are treated kindly. Women do what they need to do. Women do not have to wear the same outfit every day and get to wear different things. Today women are proud. They work day and night without any hesitation getting their work
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