The 1937-1938 Nanjing Massacre: The Forgotten Holocaust

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The 1937-1938 Nanjing Massacre: The forgotten Holocaust “WHEN PURPLE MOUNTAIN BURNS, NANJING IS LOST” (old Chinese adage) Introduction More than 80 years have passed since the horrific historical events known as the Nanjing Massacre. The period of terror and destruction occurred in Nanjing is undoubtedly among the worst in the history of modern warfare. This tremendous episode remained largely unknown or vaguely known for so long in particular in the Western countries and only in the 1990s exploded with such force, generating controversial debate and emotions. No one could fathom the overall extent of the terror. Chinese and International Scholars consider the Nanjing Massacre one of the most dreadful atrocities and the worst depravity committed by the Japanese military during the Second Sino-Japanese War. “In terms of physical and spiritual trauma, the Nanjing Massacre is both the worst atrocity for China in World War II and the worst atrocity in the century of National Humiliation as a whole. (…) the Nanjing massacre represents the lowest point in modern Chinese history. Few atrocities in world history can be compared in intensity and scale to the massacre of Nanjing: it can be considered more monstrous than the Nazi Holocaust. Despite the extreme significance of the event, insufficient attention was paid to the Chinese Massacre. The silence over the episodes happened in Nanjing has been unusual compared to the massive attention given to other such modern mass

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