19th Amendment Thesis

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Since the birth of America, white men have oppressed women and minorities. The prolonged and vexatious process of equal rights is still evident in today 's society; however, the advancement in the past one hundred years has fabricated a bridge over the gushing ravine between the rights of men and women. The largest platform that deposited a foundation for women 's suffrage was the ratification of the nineteenth amendment in 1920. It was then that everything changed for not only women but all minorities. The nineteenth amendment served as an accolade for the aspirations that initiated new waterways and connections of independence, revolution, and value before and after the ratification. To begin, the nineteenth amendment bestowed women a…show more content…
The years after the ratification was arduous for women. Many women preferred the traditional roles because it was all they had known. Not to mention, the Great Depression forced many to transition back into housewives. Also, headstrong men were intimidated by the challenge of dominance; therefore, resulting in prejudice. All of this to say, the struggles these women endeavored made it possible for the women in modern society to be regarded as sagacious and independent. Women such as Jane Addams and Margaret Sanger were the passionate and determined advocators that realized what it meant to persist equality. Moreover, such activists saw African Americans gain their freedom with the thirteenth and fifteenth amendments; thus, sparking a flame of feminism. It was these women who apprehended equality will never be easily obtained, and yet they fought obstinately. The nineteenth amendment might not have been welcomed nor efficient soon after; however, without it, women would not have traveled to space, hold government positions, nor demonstrated to young girls that they have a bright future as a woman. Overall, the nineteenth amendment was proof women could build a steady bond of feminism in order to cross the crevasse of inequality. Therefore, women found their place in society, which was not attached to a man. The nineteenth amendment inspired commentary women to shatter the glass ceiling, march against reproductive policies, and obstruct sexual harassment. Women and minorities still have a tedious and convoluted path to formulate in order to unite equality. However, it is one that women will fight for, as they have in the past, and they will not cease until it is
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