Pros And Cons Of The Reformation

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In a nutshell: The 3 R’s: Reformation, Royalty & Renaissance
The first R: The Reformation

The reformation of the Christian Church had a huge effect on history, causing a major schism and centuries of sectarian violence. In England and other countries many were to die for being the wrong religion.
In the early 1500s in mainland Europe, a huge religious upheaval started in reaction to Roman Catholicism, the existing Christian church. Martin Luther, and many others wanted reform – hence the term Reformation. They sought a simpler kind of Christian worship, with the emphasis on the individual’s own conscience and direct relationship with God, without the intervention of the Virgin Mary and all the saints, never mind about the control of priests, cardinals and the Pope, who were seen as being too powerful, too wealthy and too corrupt. Protesting against the doctrines of the Church of Rome, members of the new and very different religion became known as Protestants. (Possibly with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable originally, though we now stress the first syllable.)

Meanwhile in England, there was an added historical ingredient to go into the mix. Most people know that 1. Henry VIII was a bit of
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The whole inside of the church building looked different for a start: out went the many painted statues, ornate decoration, stained glass windows, wall paintings and the carved rood screen separating the nave of the church from the chancel, the holy area nearest to the altar. The biggest change in worship was the abolition of the Latin Mass, along with the requirement to confess sins to a priest. The Book of Common Prayer, on which Anglican services are still based, was devised and written in English for the new branch of the Christian church and it became the law for an English translation of the Bible to be placed in every parish
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