The 519 Mission Statement

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The history of the 519 was first established as a community centre for the North Jarvis Community and was used as a space for gay youth in 1976 to conduct a program controlled by the community. Additionally, The 519 became a safe haven for LGBTQ groups during 1982 when Toronto police were conducting bathhouse raids throughout the city. During the 80’s and 90 's, the 519 opened a support group for gay people of colour and requesting benefits to same-sex spouses. The 519 has partnered with many organizations throughout the years such as Toronto District School Board to disclose positive knowledge about children with queer parents, also with the city of Toronto to make sure long-term care homes are LGBTQ friendly.
Mission and achievements
As their mission statement is “The 519 creates space for change, contributing to the advancement of LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Toronto and beyond.” They establish a safe environment for the LQBTQ community to flourish successfully. The 519 has reached many achievements by helping to construct multiple services such as the Anti-poverty and homeless programme that served more than 2,500 meals. Additionally, the 519 refugee program served more than 5,300 queer refugees by acquiring support from The City of Toronto, RBC and Asian AIDS Prevention. While in the 90’s they help conduct protest of over 10,000 people to concur bill 167; same-sex couples to receive equal rights as “common law” couples.
Current statues
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