The 60's: Movie Analysis

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Introduction The importance of having movies like the hidden figures show us what black women had to deal with during the 60‘s. During that time being a women was hard enough, being black women well you had extra struggle especially in the work place. This movie based on a true story that explore how black women during that time struggled as well as thrive. This movie shows how black women faced with adversity and pushed through it with their head held high which has inspired generations. This papers will use feminism theorist to explain the concept of the movie. For example the movies unknowing use The gaga Feminism created by J.Jack Halberstam “Gaga feminism abandon the norm on how gender politics recognizes the ways in which our ideas of the normal or acceptable depend…show more content…
You see Dorothy Vaughn (played by Octavia Spencer) trying to fix the car and Mary Jackson ( played by Janelle Monáe) was getting upset and sassy because she was worry that they would lose their jobs. As the women talking they see a police with the siren on in the background and they all instantly become nervous because living in the 60 's police officer are very hostile toward black people. The police get out of his police car, with his hand on his baton aggressively talking to the women question them why they were there and how convent place for their car to breakdown. When Mary Jackson was a little sassy towards the police, you see the police become more aggressive and asked for their identity cards. In Living outside the box by Panadora L. Leong describes how “cops and those who function like cops act to protect the powers of the state,in the most immediate sense, against the marginalized: they exist to watch who look like me.” This scene is every striking the police doesn 't as if the women need help but was spurious of them and was surprise that NASA hired African-American
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