The 70's: A Documentary Analysis

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Documentaries are made to capture and explain reality. Documentaries deals with people and their environments. Documentaries are usually made in order to prove a point about something, and some are persuasive. The article describes the first documentaries as being accidental, or “accidental documents of reality”. The early accounts of documentaries were used as propaganda for the war. Early TV documentaries included travelogues and lighthearted subjects, rather than extreme social problems. In the 60’s, documentaries started to explore the social lives of normal human beings. The 70’s then brought about documentaries having to do with news and politics. Documentaries began to change as society was changing. Minorities started to become the subjects of documentaries, as well as extremely violent and sexual topics.…show more content…
Each of these have specific production patterns in order to get their points across. Though there are no formal scripts in documentaries, a guideline in necessary for shooting. Recordings are crucial to getting information for a documentary. An important goal to have is to get material and recordings that are so strong, that no written narration is required. Another system to making a documentary is an outline. This will organize your thoughts on what audio will go with the video. Visuals, interviews, and narration are recorded after the script itself is completed. However, if a documentary is sponsored, the script is finished long beforehand. They are also more well-rehearsed and largely
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