The 80 Yard Run Analysis

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Adults Over the years I have heard a common joke passed around by the older generation about how the worst choice they made was becoming an adult. This is supposed to be a rhetorical statement about how change is inevitable to everyone. However, becoming an adult is more than just waiting till you reach a certain age. As defined by Webster, an adult “is a person who is fully grown or developed”. Someone who is fully grown or developed does not just mean age, but how well they are set in their principles and morals. Maturity has a huge role in becoming an adult, but this can differ for everyone. Maturity is like a young bird learning how to fly. They have to first muster the strength to stand up and extend their wings, then they must take the risk of falling out of their nest and take flight into the air. The short story, The 80 Yard Run, introduces us to an older man name Christian…show more content…
They have personalities that define them and principles that they follow. The secondary character in “The 80 Yard Run”, Louise, transformed herself from a naïve, sporadic girl to a responsible and organized woman who then led both her and Christian’s life together to a semi-stable lifestyle. As explained earlier in the story by Christian, she was a young adult looking for something new and unique, but as she got older and times got more difficult she found interest in art and used that to get her life back on track while his fell apart. Adolescents usually are carless, sensitive, and quick to act on a dangerous situation or event. They all have their own interest and talents, but still are inexperienced. On the other hand, adults are normally patient in decision making and tend to be calm in dire circumstances. They use their life’s experience to influence future choices. Individuals must intentionally pave their life from the traits of adolescent to an adult, but this can occur at any point in life and not just in later
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