Pros And Cons Of The Warren Barnhart Debate

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The Warren-Barnhart Debate In a world where moral value is very much based on pleasure, Dr. Warren takes a stand in order to recalibrate the mind of many. Reading books is always an enlightening experience whether it is a positive or a negative one. However, though many can glean heaps of information and knowledge from a book, reading a debate is far more intriguing. When a debate is recorded in manuscript form, the reader is able to sit at the feet of two opposing sides. This reduces the amount of “straw-man arguments” and allows for the superior thoughts to be exposed. This of course also encourages the reader to be more informed of both sides of an argument. In the Warren-Barnhart debate, Warren debates that New Testament ethics are far more superior than the mentality of the utilitarianism mindset. The debate takes place in four nights, in the first few days of November, 1980. In his opening affirmative, Warren begins with a terribly horrifying illustration. Though it is graphic and harsh, it is also effective in accomplishing its task of showing that pleasure is by no means a proper way to base an ethic system. In fact, Thomas would argue that this is about as evil as doctrine gets (Warren 9). This very thought will carry Warren through his first affirmative as he explains the fallacy of…show more content…
Rather than seeing into one mind that might be presumably biased, one is able to glean knowledge from two minds that disagree on one subject. This debate seems to have left Utilitarianism in the dust as a wicked doctrine just as Warren described. It was obvious which contender was more studied, more well-rounded, and more apt to do homework, despite what the opponent would accuse. Perhaps the main reason why Warren was able to walk away from a four night debate so successfully, was because he relied on the pure word of God. Another instance and example in showing that it is divinely
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