The Abolition Of Slavery In The 1800's

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In the 1800’s, the issue of slavery was growing rapidly and the need for compromise was strong. This issue divided the North from the South. As the cannons fired Fort Sumter on the night of April 12, 1861, the start of the Civil war had begun. The African Americans were not giving up without a fight and contributed to the warfare. African Americans used various methods to fight for their freedom during the Civil War such as passing information to the Union Army and serving in the Armed forces. These actions affected them and the United States by bringing home a win for the Union, making slaves free people. To begin, the slaves dedicated their lives to save the future. A former slave and author of the famous newspaper, The North Star, displays how loyal they were. Fredrick Douglas made many editorials about abolition. He explains that slaves had exposed themselves to bullets to bring important documents and information to the…show more content…
After the Emancipation Proclamation stating that slaves were allowed to join the Union forces, the African American population decreased. A man enlisted in the war spoke to his wife stating, ¨When i shall have the opportunity of seeing you in the full enjoyment of freedom¨ (Doc 6). In other words, Samuel Cabble means that he is happy to fight for the freedom of his people. Based on the illustrations in ¨Journey of a Slave From the Plantation to the Battlefield¨, a slave died for standing up for what is right (Doc 5). Fredrick Douglas states, ¨ and there is no power on earth which can deny that he has earned right to citizenship in the United States¨(Doc 7). Based on the document, Douglass believed the African Americans will earn the right for citizenship in fighting for the Civil War. Lastly, The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution announced that slavery and owning people shouldńt exist in the United States unless due to a punishment (Doc
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