The Abolitionist Pete Archie Analysis

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The Abolitionist By Deonte Archie 10/28/17

The time had come for the abolishment of the era of slavery. Those that were were ready for a change and willing to speak out were growing. One such person was Josiah Wedge who made a medallion that represented the Abolitionist slave. The Medallion contained a picture of a slave asking a question "Am i not a man and a brother?" Which mean 's isn 't he a man and a brother just like the white people so why can 't he be treated like everybody else? On the back of the Medallion was a bible verse that summed up the thought of those fighting for abolition treat people how you want to be treated. "whatsoever ye would men should do to
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Not to loose their resolve many slaves created an underground railroad which lead from the southern state to the northern states and Canada. it was a sign of freedom for those still in slavery and presented hope to those that had lost hope. The slaves felt they deserved to be free and deserve a better life and were ready and willing to fight for it. One such person was Harriet Tubman who initiated the underground railroad from the south to the northern states and during the traveling she provided guidance and shelter for the slaves fighting for liberty. Harriet just didn 't free herself, she also went back and freed other slaves that were also in search for a new life. Harriet Tubman made this happen because she knew what the slave owners were doing to them was wrong and they wanted a better life for themselves so they took matters in their own hands and were willing to risk their life to be free from all the hatred, pain and despair.

Abolitionist use three effective methods for making a case against slavery which was public announcement, War and escaping. Which causes people to stand up for what is right even know it can get them killed or
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