Thompson's Arguments Against Abortion

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Abortion Defense
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Abortion remains a contentious issue in the current society. Various arguments have been developed, either for or against abortion. Most of these arguments rely on the premise on whether a fetus is a human being from the moment of conception. Thompson (2003) presents a violinist fictional case whose moral relevance complements the permissibility of abortion in a moral society. The violinist example is as follows; a famous violinist has been diagnosed with a fatal kidney ailment, and it is discovered from medical records that only you has the blood characteristics that correspond to his. As a result, the Society of Music Lovers kidnaps you. You find yourself in a hospital bed with the unconscious violinist, with his
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The hospital director admits that the kidnap was wrong and faults its permissibility but insists that unplugging yourself from the violinist would deny him a chance to live. He however promises you that the violinist will recover in nine months after which he can be safely unplugged.
The violinist fictional case forms the premise for Thompson’s defense for abortion. He draws several conclusions from the fictitious story. A fetus is a person just like the mother. This is because life begins at conception and not after birth (Thompson, 2003). Developed fetus has all the features of a human being including face, limbs and other body organs. According to Thompson (2003) both the fetus and the woman has the right to life. This is verifiable particularly when the pregnant womans life is at stake. It would therefore not be just to allow a woman to die at the expense of not wanting to kill the unborn child. A woman has a right to decide what happens to and in her body. Having

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