The Absence Of Stress Management: Personal And Social Life

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Stress is a situation that arises, when there are excessive demands on the personal or social life of an individual.
When we experience stress, we consider that change to be a real or imagined threat, and this is when our body and mind reacts. It is the body 's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a hard situation with focus, alertness, and strength.
Conflicts, worries and fears cause stress but it is in our hands to either give importance or not.. Living in the present rather than living in the past or in the future would certainly help in avoiding all stress causing factors.
Stress is universally experienced by all, on a day to day basis. Every person has the potential to manage the various factors that cause stress. Absence of stress and excess stress will always lead to problems.
Stress is often associated with negative situations. But, it does not always have bad impacts. At times, it motivates people and helps in being alert and focussed.
For a given situation, different people experience different stress levels. This shows that every individual perceives stress differently. We get stressed when we start worrying either about the future or the past. All situations cannot be controlled but, we have the capability to control how we feel and respond to such situations.

Factors causing stress

Any factor that causes stress is called as a stressor. Stressors can be classified as:
1. External
2. Internal

External factors

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