The Absolute Diary Of The Indian Race Analysis

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The ideas of poverty and race go hand in hand in the eyes of the natives. Poverty and race were prominent ideas in the societies and were often comparable in both communities, Rearden and Wellpinit. The Indians in Wellpinit see these whites as privileged and Junior uses examples of this through statements he makes. It makes Junior feel like an outcast. He goes to Rearden with the “White” kids and their expectation is to be rich, and great. In the book The Absolute Diary of A Part Time Indian, the author Sherman Alexie uses images, and stories in relation to poverty and race to show the importance of how it affects Junior personal life and Junior in both societies. Demeanors Wellpinit and Reardan had different demeanors in reference to race and poverty. Poverty and race are demonstrated in an image in the book on pg. 57. In the picture there’s a comparisons of a white boy and and indian boy and the indian boy being Junior. The white boy had on new clothes, jordans, watches, polo shirt and on the opposite side depicting the indian he had on some shoes from ________ and a raggedy tee shirt with no watch. Junior knew there was a difference and with that he expressed it. In Wellpinit there were all rich white kids and nobody going through poverty like Junior and the people on the reservation were. “It 's a school on the reservation border filled with the poorest Indians and poorer-than-poorest white kids.Yes there is a place in the world where the white people are even poorer

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