The Absolute True Diary A Part Time Indian Analysis

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Bobby knight once said, "people change over the years, and that changes situations for good and for the bad." Often activities can change the way a person acts. Maybe even a person when talking to them for awhile. In the story, The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie uses basketball to help fully understand how Junior's changing through the course of the novel. These changes come in different parts of Junior's life but show a key idea.

Basketball wasn't a big thing for Junior at a young age. Growing up in the reservation Junior wasn't the best player. Although, He did play for fun with his friend Rowdy who was a much better basketball player in the reservation. Junior states, "I mean I'd always been the lowest Indian on the reservation totem pole -- I wasn't expected to be good so I wasn't." But eventually that changed for him.

As Junior realizes he isn't going to go anywhere from the reservation he wants to make a change. Leaving the reservation was a serious matter; almost as if you're rejecting what the reservation has to give. After talking to his dad junior starts to attend Rearden High School, the high school that is 22 miles from the reservation in a white town. Rowdy
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After leaving the reservation Rowdy hated Junior on and off the basketball court. When Rearden had a game against Wellpinit, the reservation high school, Rowdy didn't take it easy on Junior. After Junior got stitches during the first quarter after being hit with a quarter on his forehead Junior got tougher. In the third quarter Junior was back in the game. "I immediately stole a pass and drove for a lay up. Rowdy was right behind me. I jumped into the air, heard the curses of two-hundred Spokanes, and then saw only a bright light as Rowdy smashed his elbow into my head and knocked me unconscious." Left with a minor concussion Junior was unable to finish the game and Rearden lost to
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