The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Essay

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Junior, a misunderstood boy not only has to live as an outcast in a school filled with white people but, also has to live as an outcast among his own people. In The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Sherman Alexie explores the terrible losses that occur on the reservation and how for that very reason Junior is becoming more alone than how he was before. He loses his sister, grandmother, the man who he says is like an uncle to him, and also himself in such a short amount of time.
Junior’s sister was secretly into writing romance novels so she turned her life into one. She ran away from home and got married. She was living in a small trailer home and searching for a job. Her novel didn’t end with a happy ending. Her trailer caught
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Junior feels as if he’s lost everything, like all Indians lose everything. Junior says “We lost our native land, we lost our languages, we lost our songs and dances. We lost each other. We only know how to lose and be lost.”(Alexie 173) I think these are the reasons for why he goes to school in Reardan, he’s tired of losing people, especially because of alcohol, he was tired of being and feeling alone.
Junior didn’t die, at least not like the rest. Some may say he lost his identity and some may say he got stronger. I think both. As he was around white people more he started doing more to be like them. As he says in one of his comics “White people have a bright future and hope.” (Alexie 57) He thought surrounding himself with hope would give him hope and hope was probably what he needed most. Hope keeps everyone going, even at the toughest times.
The loss of his sister, grandmother, uncle, and himself made him more alone than he has ever been. He lost so much during such a short amount of time. Even though he got new friends at Reardan, new people that cared about him, it would never replace the people he lost. They represent who he is and who he is
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