Themes In The Absolute True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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There are main themes in every novel some may be obvious while some require research and analysis to find. In The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, there are many themes such as bullying, racism, drug abuse and alcoholism. Though only a few of those apply directly to Junior, the protagonist, there is one that he is affected by more than any other. This one is isolation. Throughout the novel, Junior faces many cases of isolation. From the beginning of the novel, it is revealed that he was born with many different problems. These problems include Hydrocephalus, a disease that causes Junior to have water on the brain which resulted in him having seizures, a stutter, a lisp, and eye problems. Junior not only had head problems but he states that his head and feet were too big for his body making him look like some bad clown. Due to the fact, the Junior had so many problems starting from the moment he was born he never really fit in and was bullied constantly making him feel isolated and alone. It was not until Rowdy came along that he made a friend no one expected because they were complete opposites. Junior not only faced isolation from his physical characteristic but his background as well. The novel is based…show more content…
In the reservation, he feels isolation because he is highly intelligent and is above many of his peers. Since he is highly intelligent he decides that he wants to make a better life for himself and leave the reservation. He decides to go to Reardan where his isolation continues. He is now the only Indian in an all-white school. People start to question him and even though it is obvious he is not like them he isolates parts of his life to what is on the reservation and what is not. He does this by not telling anyone he poor and about his struggles to get to and from school. Even though Junior begins being isolated from everyone when he starts Reardan he eventually is accepted and loved by his
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