The Absolutely True Story Of A Part-Time Indian

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Prejudice means on how people judge somebody because of race or religion, an example From the book itself "The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian," whites were prejudiced to Indians and even the Indians were prejudiced toward the main character, Arnold for switching to a white school. An example to provide that there was prejudice in the novel like when Roger and Penelope thought that people in Arnold 's reservation were rich because there were a lot of casinos in his area, but the truth was that everyone in Arnold 's reservation were alcoholics that lived in poverty. For example, like Arnold 's father, he was an alcoholic and so tired, they wouldn 't have any food to eat for dinner, and they would starve for nearly every night. And going on this, Arnold didn 't tell anybody that he was poor so he would say he was rich and it was released out when he was at the dance and he was asked if he was poor and he responded saying yes and they felt bad for him and they gave him a lift all the way to the reservation. During the book Arnold received a lot of prejudice, but he didn 't let go to the heart and the prejudice was seen as ignorance and he just dealt with it.…show more content…
Another example of when there was prejudice is when he went to his old high school on the reservation for the basketball game against Reardan and Wellpinit. This was prejudice because when he got for the bus all the Indians were saying "Arnold sucks", although everyone at Reardan calls him Arnold and people on the reservation call him Junior. Furthermore, his own tribe made fun of him because they considered him white, not Indian; and from the text it was really bringing him down that his own people
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