The Absolutism Of Gloucester In Richard III

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There is no way back from a dark side. In Richard III the author demonstrates absolutism of Gloucester in order to teach the reader about how infectious and incurable evilness might be; as one does something evil, it takes much effort to get back on a godly path. The protagonist – Richard the third, was born in the House of York in England. He wasn’t beautiful “Deformed, unfinished, sent before my time / Into this breathing world, scarce half made up.” (I, i, 20-21), instead, he was very intellectually gifted. Because of not being able to enjoy the regular pleasures of life, Gloucester has developed a strong, goal-achieving personality “Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him” (V, iv, 9). With a unique set of foxy tools, Richard…show more content…
Fool, do not flatter.” (V, iii, 201-204) Such confusion is a result of a broken system of values. Being a King seemed very pleasant to Gloucester, but once he became one, it turned out to be not as fascinating. That very moment he has started questioning the price he has paid in order to get the throne. As soon as an evil goal of an evil person is reached, there is no more motivation behind the evilness. Therefore, maybe Gloucester would have applied his bright mind to improve the life of civilians. However, Shakespeare never shows us Richard III out of a stressful situation. We always see him under the pressure of either emotions or hard situations, which makes it hard to make judgments about the true personality of Richard. After making the first step, evilness has started growing like a snowball in Gloucester, until it reached the bottom of the mountain, killing everything on its way. The moral story of the play is that the seed of evil might grow very fast, and cause a great damage to people who have irrigated it. Once Gloucester has decided to act, there were no limits for his evilness in his acts and his mind until the goal was reached. That is what made him so absolute and dangerous, and that is the reason of his
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