Hitler's Racial Discrimination

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The reign of Adolphus Hitler is known as one of history’s darkest moments of racial discrimination, but not many people understand the real cause, which was initiated during his abusive childhood. The abuse that Hitler endured began in 1895, when Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, finally retired after forty years of working as a civil servant. He expected his children to obey his commands just as his workers had done in his previous job. As the oldest boy in the family, Alois Hitler Jr suffered through much abuse causing him to flee from home, leaving seven year old Adolf Hitler alone to undergo the same pain and torture. Hitler’s mother was a very kind woman and tried to stop her husband from tormenting her son but would always have to suffer…show more content…
As Hitler grew older, he began to read his father’s book collection about warfare, leading him to grow fond of war play. Hitler’s favorite part of warplay was the pretend death scene until, in 1900, when he…show more content…
Hitler was very devastated and the shock lead him to do even worse in school than he had done before. Fortunately, in 1904, Hitler moved to a different technical school where his performance improved quite a lot and he even became friends with a young man named August Kubizek (“The Childhood and Early Adulthood of Adolf Hitler”). In late 1905, after passing his final exam, Hitler’s mother allowed him to quit school and begin a career path. Hitler had to choose from a safe and stable job which would help him take care of his mother without any risks or to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Hitler’s mother supported Hitler’s every choice so Hitler decided to apply for the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna but was rejected twice, resulting him to being jobless (Kubizek 61-62). Hitler and his only friend, Kubizek, always walked along Landstrasse where Hitler fell in love with a girl named Stefanie Isak. His love for Stephanie lasted for four years, from 1905 to 1909, and even though he never spoke to her, he believed that she loved him too since she had once given him a smile with a flower from her bouquet. Unfortunately, in 1908 Stephanie was engaged to Maximilian Rabatsch leaving Hitler upset and heartbroken (Kubizek

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