The Abuse Of Power In Friedrich Nietzsche's Animal Farm

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Power corrupts everyone, even the “people” fighting against it. Anytime an individual gains more power than other it leads to rebellion and change. The government in the United States of America is based off this idea, our founding fathers made sure to keep this abuse of power out of our Constitution. Friedrich Nietzsche a german philosopher said, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” In the beginning of the book animal farm the Oldest of the Hogs and also the smartest calls a meeting with a;; odf the farm animal;s. In this meeting he sasy how the animals would be fine without the humans and the humans just make it worse for all the animals. He tells them about his dream, and how humans don't do any work for what they get in return and how its not fair. He also says how in his dream all the animals are free and don't have to live under the humans anymore. He talked of a revolution against the…show more content…
The supplies kind of started disappearing here and three and the pigs were really never helping because he had the brains and were more of supervisores. The pigs Snowball and Napoleon, never really did their share and got lazier and lazier and expected more and more from the other animals. They soon started changing their own rules, like how it first said no animal shall ever drink alcohol and they changed it to no pig shall ever drink in excess. They changed it from animals to pigs saying they were the only ones allowed to break the rules. They always had excuses or reason to why they are allowed to break the rules. They soon broke all of their own rules and started drinking and even sleeping in the farmers house. They hypocrisy was really obvious after the pigs started wearing the farmers clothes and doing deals with other farmers and then having a friendly poker game right
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