The Abused Woman In Tamar

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Tamar - The Abused Woman The story of Tamar tugs at my heart strings because her story is all too common. Tamar is the daughter of David and text describes her as "beautiful" so beautiful that her brother Amnon is obsessed with her to the point he comes up with a plan to be alone with her. He pretends that he is ill and he request that Tamar comes to cook and care for him. Tamar goes to care for her brother and he tells her in 2 Samuel 13:11 " Come to bed with me". Now Amnon is really tripping right! Tamar begs her brother not to force her to do such a "wicked" thing. She warns him of their fate and how nothing good would come out of what he was about to do. Amnon does not listen and he rapes her. Amnon violates his own sister and after he rapes her, he can't stand the sight of her and her orders her to get out. Poor Tamar, Tamar is walking through the palace with ashes on her head, ripped clothing, crying and oviously making a scene, she is overcome with emotion. Her very own…show more content…
You've always been good enough and you don't have to live your life trying to convince yourself that you measure up. I know someone took something so precious from you and all these years you've been trying to replace what they took. Girl put the bottle down Moscato can't give you what you need. Babydaddy can't give you what you need, not even a successful career can mask those feelings of inadequateness. It's time to take your power back, join a good Bible based church, join a support group, volunteer, keep a journal, release, release, release, your healing begins today. I declare that in Jesus name. By this time next year you will be in such a different place spiritually and emotionally, you are about to be unstoppable! God is going to elevate you to new levels and you will no longer have that dead weight holding you back. I am so excited for what God is about to do in your life! Write me email me I want to hear from you!!! It's about to go
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