The Accuracy Of 'Paul Revere's Ride'

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“Paul Revere was a successful silversmith” stated the Story “Paul Revere and the American Revolution” by Ethel Ames also that same poem has put how he rode away from the British to warn the Americans that the British were coming. On the other hand, The poem “Paul Revere's ride” by Henry Longfellow was about how he warned the Americans about the British with a lantern by himself. A different poem called “How accurate was Longfellow's poem” by Franklin Johnson. states how Henry Longfellow the person who wrote “Paul Revere's ride” was not accurate. Now, Longfellow had one person, Paul Revere, when there were actually three people. Samuel Prescott and William Dawes were the two other people that were there to help him with his ride. However,
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