The Achievement Of Desire Analysis

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In “The Achievement of Desire” by Richard Rodriguez writes about the experiences that he had as a young boy, where from these experiences he grew into a person that he found distant from his family and from reality. The rift between his family and his education was based on part mostly by negative experiences he had with his family not caring about his achievements. In contrast, his education puts his teachers and mentors, not his parents, on an ungodly pedestal. “The Achievement of Desire” is primarily about Richard’s negative childhood experiences in which he rejected his cultural heritage and his family in favored of a more civilized and elitist viewpoint in the hopes of getting attention. Throughout the whole passage, there are many excerpts of Richard’s personal life ranging from positive events to negative ones. In justifying his viewpoint, he uses some positive examples to show the development of himself staring from adopting his parents way of speaking to the fostering of strong relationships and professional way of speaking from his teachers and nuns as noted, “I smiled just to listen to her. I sat there and sensed for the very first time some possibility of fellowship between a reader and a writer, a communication, never intimate like that I heard spoken words at home convey, but one nonetheless personal.” ( ) Without this type of connection Richard would have been going down a similar path of other immigrants and possibly being associated with standard
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