The Achievements Of Joan Of Arc

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Joan of Arc has achieved many accomplishments throughout her life like becoming the heroin for the Hundred Years War for the French with the help of God and her visions. She was told by a couple of Saints that she needed to help with the duty to get rid of France from the
English. Although Joan was young, she was determined to achieve the callings that were given to her and abide by her God. She provided stability and support to the troops of the army which shaped them into becoming better soldiers. To this day, Joan of Arc is viewed as one of history's most noteworthy holy people and an image of French solidarity and patriotism.
“The Maid of Orleans” aka Jeanne d’Arc, was born on January 6, 1412 in Domremy, Bar,
France. She was the daughter
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Upon her arrival, Joan sent various letters to the enemy and led several French assaults against them, which drove the Burgundians from their protector and won over Orleans.
This was just the beginning for Joan’s victories. Only a couple days after her first win, claiming she was healed from the wounds from Orleans by her Saints, Joan took over the village of Patay on June 18, 1429 which added to her number of victories. Her persistence continued as she informed Kind Charles that their next march would be to Reims. At first hesitant, Charles,
Joan, and her army were stopped at Troyes. Because supplies were running out, the soldiers were growing hungry and beginning to give up. Joan urged them to keep fight until victory although

they knew they were most likely going to lose from the beginning. Once again with the help of
God, her hope and the saints, Joan won over Reims on July 17, 1429.
Throughout the winter, Joan moved around many residences such as Bourges and
Sully-sur-Loire. Her next attack was on Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier which was captured on
November 4th. Next was the town of La-Charite-sur-Loire which was a failure because the
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Around late March, Joan of Arc, her brother Pierre, her confessor Friar Jean Pasquerel, her bodyguard Jean d’Aulon, and about 200 troops finally took the battlefield again who were going to Lagny-sur-Marne where French forces were fighting against the English. Here, she was recognized with helping to save an infant. According to Joan, she and other virgins were praying on behalf of the dead baby which most likely caused it to revive long enough to baptize it and come back to life. Supposedly the baby yawned three times, got baptized, then died again.
Despite all the promises of peace, the Burgundians were on the move to capture Joan because of all the trouble that she caused them and their English allies. Her troops were surrounded by Burgundian forces behind the Mont-de-Clairoix. She decided to not abandon her soldiers and she as well was trapped outside the city and pinned up against the river. The
Burgundians surrounded and forced Joan and her army to surrender. Of course, she refused and sadly was pulled off her horse and Lionel of Wandomme made her his captive.
Joan of Arc spent four months as a prisoner in Beaurevoir then was transferred to
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