The Activation-Synthesis Model Of Sleep

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Everyone dreams. It is simply a fact of science. From the day one is born until the day he dies, he will dream. Not ambitiously but literally. Dreams occur during the REM stage of sleep because that is where the brain is most active. Biology can explain why dreams happen, where they happen, and when they happen, but only psychology can explain the meaning behind the dream. Five different sleep stages occur during the sleep cycle: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, and REM. Stage 1 sleep takes place when an individual is drifting off to sleep. During this stage of sleep, theta and alpha waves flow throughout the brain. While this happens, the eyes roll to the back of the head. This is most often when the hypnic jerk takes place. This is a…show more content…
I immediately disagreed with the analysis given by Dream Moods because I do not lack self-esteem or confidence.This is clearly displayed through the overall way I hold myself. I do not fully agree with the Activation-Synthesis model because I think that my recurring dreams must have some sort of meaning. I do believe that my temporary paralysis may seep into my dream and affect it. Freud's model does accurately display my fears. It is true that I worry about losing my drive, and this dream does often occur when I procrastinate or feel like giving up. Often times, I will have a renewed sense of motivation after feeling the frustration of this…show more content…
For example, in variations of my baseball dream, I often find my dream self hitting the ground or threatening anyone who tries to help. This short temper has found its way into reality. When I feel things spiraling out of control, my normally gentle demeanor manifests itself into a fiery little demon of anger; however, not all of my dreams shed light on the bad aspects of my personality. Most of my dreams show the me most often seen in real life: sweet, funny, and good-natured. I also have discovered that I fear failure and disappointment far more than I should. Because of this, I work hard at everything I do. Casual fear of failure appears to be a good motivator for me. I believe we dream because our unconscious self is just as confused as out conscious one. Our unconscious self may be trying to communicate to our conscious self in order to help us understand ourself and our

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