The Adams Administration: Song Analysis

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Look at the Genius Annotations for your song. You can do this through the official website (even if you can’t access Rap Genius). Find at least three interesting annotations for your song. Look for historical contexts and hip hop references. Can you use them in your presentation? “The Adams Administration”: Many people believed the rumors that Hamilton was corrupt. It was rumored that he used his role as Secretary of the Treasury to cut back on the wages of veterans. Hamilton attempted to clear his name, but it failed. This was the reason for his political career decline. Hamilton resigned in 1795, before Adams was elected, therefore, he did not fire Hamilton. President Adams fired his secretary of state, Thomas Pickering, for being more loyal to Hamilton. After Washington resigns Hamilton is more…show more content…
My favorite thing about the song “The Adams Administration” is that it sheds a new light on Hamilton. Rarely is the protagonist portrayed negatively, this song does that and it gives us a reasonable evidence on why Hamilton is not perfect. Before he was glorified and now we get to see why he is so despised by certain people, it gives us perspective that helps us decide personally what we think about Hamilton. I like the motif “How does …” because it gives a general description of the character then it goes on to give a more detailed description. My favorite thing about “We Know” is Hamilton’s verse, “I never spent a cent that wasn’t mine/You sent the dogs after my scent, that’s fine/Yes, I have reasons for shame/But I have not committed treason and sullied my good name/As you can see I have done nothing to provoke legal action/Are my answers to your satisfaction?”. The use of multiple end rhymes create a sharp sounds which invokes a sense of urgency. The verse flows nicely, it looks like it shouldn’t, but it does. This verse was surprising, I didn’t expect this kind of emotion or reaction from
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