The Addiction By Katherine Fleming Summary

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Within the text The Addict by Katherine Fleming it addresses several serious ideas and issues within Australian society. Fleming has conveyed these ideas through several structural and language conventions in order to convey her own values and beliefs around these issues. In The Addict We hear from the author and testimonials from Heath, A recovering addict and her interviewee. This article has been written for an Australian audience and was published in a state-wide newspaper called “The West Australian” and is distributed both digitally and physically. I find that Fleming uses The Addict as a way to attempt to tackle several major issues facing the average young Australian population. One the largest of these issues, as well as the issue I will be addressing, is addiction. This functions as the major issue within Flemings article The Addict evident by her use of including the word “addict” in the title. The issue of addiction is something that affects many Australians, both indirectly and directly. Many Australians struggle with substance abuse and addiction from their youth when they used alcohol and drugs for a bit of youthful and seemingly innocent entertainment. This recreational use may seem harmless, but this often doesn’t bode well for their future as the tend to spiral downwards and require stronger and more frequent “hits” of the substance. Fleming agrees with this statement as she has chosen to include this line when talking about her interviewee Heath “Heath’s
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