The Adept Themes

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The Adept is a series of novels by Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris some of the most popular fantasy and historical fantasy writer to ever come out of the US. The series may be best described as a fantasy/science fiction work much like Ms. Kurtz’s Deryni series of novels. The first novel in the series was Adept, that was first published in 1991 and went on to become wildly popular among fantasy fiction buffs. The lead in the series is a psychiatrist named Adam Sinclair that is in a constant war of good versus evil in his society. As heir to mystical powers and knowledge from the ancients, he can engage dark forces in mortal combat and frequently comes out on top. The series combines elements of science fiction thriller and detective…show more content…
The novels are set in the Middle Ages when the Knights Templar were some of the most powerful of secret societies. Captivating as they are, they are not that easy to describe though Katherine Kurtz has variously used the term Crypto-history to describe the series. However, the novels may be placed in the historical fantasy genre though they do not fit so snugly given that their setting is more modern. Nonetheless, for any historical fiction buff, these novels are great with their historical themes and references that the author most probably infused into the works from her Medieval Studies Master of Arts degree. There is significant folklore, mythology, and Scottish history in the novel that even the most discerning of readers is unlikely to get them all from the first read. Additionally the novels also come with numerous Latin snippets and phrases whose translations can be quite entertaining if one is so inclined to translate them. Similar to the works of authors such as Jo Graham Black Ships and Hand of Isis, the novels provide an intriguing world concept, interesting characterizations, and vivid description that make for some of the most enjoyable lazy afternoon beach…show more content…
Charged with keeping their society safe, they work to fight the dark forces of evil and particularly the Lodge of the Lynx from spreading its influence in Britain. Their leader is the wealthy, handsome, and educated Scotsman Adam Sinclair who is living a privileged life as a Master of the Hunt and Baronet. An important character in the novel is Peregrine Lovat a esoteric crime fighter who uses sketches to dig up the past in helping the psychologist Sinclair and his police partner Macleod fight evil. Romance is a subplot in the novel as Sinclair meets up with a beautiful and smart American doctor. With a lot of mediaeval history of the Templars, East Indian mysticism, pre-Christian gods such as Odin and Thor, Free Masonry and Hitler, these are some fantastic mysteries in a contemporary setup.

The Lodge of the Lynx the second novel in the series is the sequel to Adept the debut novel of the series. Taking place no more than a few weeks after the end of the first novel, it is more of a second part of one novel. “The Adept” have for centuries been fighting off the Evil Powers that have been attempting to take over the world. They have so far been successful but now the Darkness is fighting back, having taken the form of an unholy cult believed to have gone extinct for
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