The Adjust By Sylvia Plath Summary

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“Will you marry it?” --a short story written after Sylvia Plath’s poem “The Applicant” Awakened by my brothers’ and sisters’ loud snoring, I got out of my room to drink a cup of water. It was then I saw my mother dozing off on the wooden chair when I walked passed the living room. This was the eighth time of this month, also the 16th time of these three months. I didn’t bother to wake her up and tell her to sleep in her room because I know my mom well. She was a strong and stubborn woman. She would not go back to her room until she saw that my father had walked in. I tiptoed down to my room, or to be more specifically, to the room we children all share, trying not to make noise. Lying on my bed, I thought about my father, how he used to take us to farms to see fireflies and hug us when he came home. I asked myself what happened to my father. What changed him? What caused him to come home so late and so drunk at night? I pondered. “Mei, wake up. Hurry up!” I heard Mom shouting from the kitchen. I jumped out of my bed hastily, washed my face, brushed my teeth and then helped in the kitchen. She carefully set the plates and took off her apron. We both sat at the table. “Did Dad come home last night?” I asked cautiously and what responded to me was a dead air. I looked up and saw my mom gazing at me. It was strange. Mom had never looked at me this way, so steadily. I had seen this look on her before when our dog Lucky was too old to walk. “Where are your brothers and sisters?”
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