The Admirability Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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In the Odyssey,there are so many big events happen that tell a great story.I hope you will read the book (The Odyssey By: Homer) and enjoy it! I think that Odysseus is a great person sometimes but, bad at other times.The Odyssey is a book that you usually have to read in high school.Odysseus is admirable because he is intelligent, he is a leader, and he is very brave. He is admirable because of many different reasons but those are the main ones. Odysseus cheats on his wife in the story but I think that those are mistakes , he is still a leader to many people.He is a person that everyone wants to be someday.He can do some bad things like everyone else can but those are mistakes that everyone makes.I am going to tell you a little bit more information about the reasons of why he is admirable.…show more content…
The last reason that Odysseus is intelligent is he creates a plan that will save his men from the sirens and he has his crew put wax in their ears so that they cannot hear the sirens.Thats is only some of the reasons why he is intelligent in the story/movie that we watched and read in
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