The Advancement Of The Aztec Civilization

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The Aztec Empire was a society that existed between the fourteenth and the sixteenth century A.D. the Aztec civilisation was highly advanced for their time, There are many ways in which the Aztecs proved their advancement in their society; this included excelling in a number of fields such as their architecture, health and sanitation, engineering and agriculture. In 1325 the Aztecs began to construct the basic foundations of their city, which was located in the centre of lake Texcoco, the Aztecs named it Tenochtitlan.

Aztec Engineering proves the advancement of their society, through their way of constructing buildings and transportation. Some examples of their advancements include the foundation of Tenochtitlan that created a secure and flat surface to establish their city, the Aztecs achieved this by manually driving wooden pylons into the lake to serve as the support for the Earth, this allowed them to built their city and granted them the option to expand their land if required.
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Aqueducts are a dual tube water system that provided the city with an uninterrupted stream of fresh and clean water from resources such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs. The genius behind this, and the reason why it was so advanced; was the ability to have one stream running for use and the other dual tube being repaired or cleaned. The idea behind this development was thought of only by a few other tribes and was not easily achieved proving their
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