The Advancements And Success Of The Crusades

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Crusades were military expeditions that occurred during the twelfth and thirteenth century. The Crusaders were in conflict with Islam for thousands of years. The main reason and goal for the crusades were to conquer the Holy Land, Jerusalem. However, they were not able to achieve that goal. The Crusaders were unsuccessful in the short-term; however, they were successful in the long-term. From a political and financial point of view, the Crusaders were successful, however, from a religious point of view, they were not.
The Crusaders were able to achieve many different achievements having to do with increasing power, therefore from a political point of view, they were successful. They gained a lot of power during the Crusades and advanced in many areas. Advanced Muslims taught Europeans many different concepts. For example, Crusaders learned about how to advance their warfare tactics in order to succeed during battles. Europeans achieved different advancements because of them. Many people believe that Muslims are the reason why gunpowder came to Europe. They had advancements in medicine, which helped during fights if someone got hurt during wars; there were advancements in architecture, which was positive because they were able to build better castles. There were advancements in literature and math, and they had advancements in geography. Many of these advancements were long-term effects and were able to help people and create even greater ideas, which lasted many years. There
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