Microsoft Lumia 535 Advantages

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Advantages of Microsoft Lumia 535

You must know that Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with 5MP primary camera with flash and 5MP secondary camera , This Dual sim Windows phone has 1905 mAh battery which will last for full 1 day with normal use , The connectivity features of the device includes 3G , WiFi , Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS .

Everybody must know that Microsoft lumia 535 is powered by Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor , and it loaded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset , and it incorporated with 1GB RAM , 8 GB internal storage and high extension microSD support up to 128 GB .

You should know that Microsoft lumia 535 offers 5 MP rear camera and equal front camera support with many additional features like Autofocus , LED flash, 1/4 sensor
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Everyone should understand that if you want to take the screenshot or the print screen , you need to press and hold volume up and power key button at the same time , And it will be saved to the folder in Albums which can be accessed via Photos Hub .

You have to know that Microsoft Lumia 535 provides WiFi hotspot feature , You can enable Microsoft Lumia 535 WiFi hotspot internet sharing by going to Settings , Then Internet sharing , the big screen, the dual SIM capabilities , the high-res front facer and the light price tag will sure raise Microsoft Lumia 535 above the majority of entry-level smartphones .

It is necessary to know that although the screen isn't ridiculously pixel-rich , the extra size has its advantages in the navigation , the web browsing and the office tasks , The neat design with the usually rich color options has always been part of the deal in the Lumia range , It's a budget WP smartphone we're talking about with a big screen and a high-res front camera .
Disadvantages of Microsoft lumia
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You should know that Microsoft Lumia 535 has no 720 p screen resolution but the same price brand smartphones provide the 720p screen , And the performance of the secondary camera is average , It has no HD video recording , And the videos can be recorded with max resolution .

You must understand that MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 come with Single GSM Simcard and Dual GSM simcard , Unfortunately this phone does not have 4G LTE , this product only have GSM 3G HSDPA for broadband network , For some users maybe this is one of disadvantage of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 but as we know , using HSDPA with maximum 42MB data transfer is more than enough to use at our smartphone .

Everybody must know that the battery of MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 has only 1905 mAh battery capacity, this is not enough because this phone use 5 inches LCD screen and quad core processor , for standard daily activity maybe we have to charge twice a day

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