The Advantage Of Community College Athletics

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College athletics are a viable part of that institution and this writer does not believe the institution would disagree with that statement. Having college athletics is hard on any college, because there are many things that come with having sports programs. However, at a community college it can be more difficult than if a four year institution was starting up a athletic programs. Community College is a way kids coming out of highschool have a chance to still be able to play the sport they love and help them grow in that sport . College athletics are more of an influence for young teens, than anything else the school can offer the kids. Community College athletics gives everyone with athletic ability a chance, because some of your great athletes…show more content…
Colleges simply do not have a lot of money, so they can not afford to have sports. However, this writer 's take on the money issue is that, the institution has to find a way to make money, even if that means charging a fee in the tuition. The college has to give every chance they can for the student to be successful. The college gives the theatre student a chance to go on to further their dreams, they should do the same with athletics. Now, this writer knows that it cost more money to build a football field and have equipment for the players than to build a theatre. However, the school is giving one set of kids a chance to further their dream and passion. Kids all over the world come from Community College to go play at a four year institution and many of them make it to the NFL and they give back to that Community College. Every college has donors and the college needs to collect money for about three years and then start building sports teams. Not only does athletics affect sports teams, but it also affect other extra curricular activities the College…show more content…
Athletics is special and it should be taken with caution, but this writer believes every college should go all in on the opportunity to have college athletics. College athletics at a Community College provides hope to the student, some kids may have had a bad High School experience, but the college can give the player a fresh start and athletes love to have a fresh start. This writers grades were not good in Highschool and if this writer had a Community college around that offered college athletics this writer would have went. Eventually this writer got an opportunity to play in college, but not at a division one college where this writer had offers from, so Community College would do more good than bad to the student
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