The Advantage Of ICT In Organisational Development In Kenya

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The advantages of having ICT add value to the Organisational development and with this as what Pasi (2013) initiated the advantages of computerising it agrees with Wynn (2008), who notes that Information and Communication Technology encompasses any medium to record information such as the Compact Disks (CD) or Digital Video Decoder (DVD) and flash memory, technology for broadcasting information such as the radio and television, technology for communicating through voice and sound or images such as microphone, camera, loudspeaker, telephone and cellphones, computing hardware such as Personal Computers, servers and networked storage and all software needed to operate networks for transmission of information ranging from home network to large global network which is the Internet.
2.2 History of ICT development in Kenya.
Little is known about the penetration of ICT in Kenya during the colonial times due to lack of information and/or reliable records. It is however known that in the 1960s the newly independent Government of Kenya through the national Treasury bought and installed a mainframe computer to automate the payroll of the civil service.
Thereafter and for decades, only Treasury had any ICT capabilities under a department known as Government Information Technology Services (GITS).
As computers became more commonplace worldwide, various non-governmental actors acknowledged the need to adopt ICT in workplace operations and in the education system. It was recognized that

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